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I used to have a little cutie - Oreo, she is a Pomeranian. One day she got her paws bleeding due to walk on the dirty streets. I couldn't find her the shoes perfectly fit her paws. Since then, I made up my mind to design the best dog shoes for my cutie and my shoes are loved by my other friends. Then I made it a real brand.

Fairy Boss L.L.C. has two main dog shoe brands, which are DJJ and FOKWOW.

Each series has its own independent characteristics.

We pursue product quality and fashion. We devote ourselves to make the best dog shoes.


Different from all the dog shoes on the market at present, the biggest feature of our products is that they stay on the paws, and they are comfortable and durable! In terms of size, we set sizes from #30 to #110  to cover the minimum to maximum dog paw requirements.


At present, this kind of good quality dog shoes is still blank in the U.S. market, which also reflects our company's innovative and pioneering spirit and the concept of constantly pursuing to meet the needs of customers. The patented invention of the product also completely overturns the traditional design of dog shoes and solves the problem of easy slip off and uncomfortable feeling of dogs.


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