Fokwow Dog Shoes can protect your dog from the hot pavement in the summer, as well as glass, thorns, or something else like lawn chemicals.

Fokwow Dog Shoes are designed to fit dogs' paws naturely , and make your dog feel comfortable!

We provide 12 different sizes to fit their paws perfectly, and come in dazzling colors!

Fokwow Dog Sandals - Black Edge Orange

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    1. Save yourself a lot of work!

    No need wiping paws everytime.

    2. Easy to stay on!

    Better fixing method than traditional dog shoes! It solves the problems of shoes dropping, deflection, blood circulation influence of dog feet, and uncomfortable feeling. It is different from traditional dog shoes. 

    3. Durable

    Our shoes can be worn for a long time! Try our products. It uses nylon material to avoid laddering at the edge and can be effectively used for about 3000 times at -508°F/-30°C. Our longest record is that one customer reported that the shoes she bought from us last for 4 years for her dog!

    4. Fashion

    Our dog shoes think out side the box. Be cool, be fun and meanwhile our shoes protect the paws.

    5. Soft

    Adaptive to the paws and movement.



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