How to put on the shoes 

How to measure the paws 

Will my dog adapt the shoes?

  • Usually, dogs love our shoes because they feel comfortable when they wear our dog shoes and boots.

  • The dog may walk in a funny way when he/she wears shoes for the first time. For example, the dog will kick, bite shoes, or lie on its stomach unhappily.

  • In this case, the dog owner should lead the dog to run quickly, and the dog will adapt itself to the shoes after it runs for several times.

Will the shoes slip off? My dog can be wild sometimes.

  • The shoes won't slip off once the size is correct and shoelaces are fastened.

  • If shoes fall off or shoe tongue tilts up after the dog takes a few steps with the shoes, the dog paws may not inside the shoes completely.

  • Or shoelaces are not tied securely before the longest nails reach the front of the shoe. Sometimes, it might because the dog shoe size is a little big(in this case, we recommend you insert the half-size pad).

Why my dog licks his/her paws after wearing the shoes?

  • The shoelaces are tied too tight.

  • The dog's dew claw was outside the shoes and it may rub the bone under it when the dog exercise for a long time. Make sure it is inside the shoe when you tie the upper shoelace.

  • Some dogs are pretty tidy. They are just cleaning, and they will get used to it eventually. 

  • And if we do not place the drew claw inside the shoes properly,

Choose the shoe size for your dog

Step 1: Measure the paw Length & Width

Let the dog stand and place the front paw on a blank paper. 

Mark one line at the end of the paw pad, and one at the longest toenail.

Measure the distance between the two markings. Or buy our size ruler.

Please remember to measure the front paws and rear paws. 

Step 2: Match to our Size Chart

Choose the size which fits dogs entire paw, including toenails and paw width.

Or just ask us which size fits the best for your dog ;)

Step 3: Put shoes on your dog

  • Stand over your dog with the dog standing between your legs (for big dogs)

  • Fully open up the shoe tongue; Metal hoop to the outside

  • Put the index finger underneath the paw

  • Send the paw all the way in until its longest nail touches the front

  • Twist the shoe slightly can make the paw go inside it more easily

  • Make sure dog's dew claws are inside the shoe

  • Wrap the shoe tongue and fasten the shoelace 

  • If the boot slips off, it might because the shoe size is too large or the shoelaces are fastened loosely

  • Always be careful with your dog's nails 

Dog Shoe Size Chart-Fairy Boss.png
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